Input about venues

My fiance and I are going to 3 places this week to inquire about our wedding and reception:

The Virginia Cliffe Inn in Glen Allen
Apple Blossom Plantation , Providence Forge, VA
Jasmine Plantation, New Kent County, VA

Can anyone offer any feedback on these site?

Thank you! :)
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Re: Input about venues

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    Hey!! Congrats on the wedding and way to go on you're amazing weight loss!!!
    I live in New Kent, so the latter two locations you mentioned are very familiar. I've been in/been to weddings at both.

    1) Apple Blossom- Formally Willow Manor, wasn't even aware they changed the name. That's recent! Anyway, it's lovely BUT (and this is a big BUT) the owner is not very popular. You may want to read reviews under Willow Manor at other sites online. In my experience, she leads people to believe certain things about the location (catering capabilities, pricing, etc.) and then does not follow through. This is a COMMON problem. The weddings I went to (including one I was in) were pretty but EVERY bride has complained about Margaret. So proceed with caution! Save every e-mail. Get things in writing. Do not be a push-over.

    2)Jasmine- Beautiful. The people are very nice and accommodating. Brides who have their weddings at Jasmine seem to be some of the most stress-free around. I would be having my own wedding here, but it was booked for my date (That bride must have dropped bc it's open now but another contract is already signed, oh well haha). Also, for larger guest counts you have to use rectangular tables rather than the round ones. Not a big deal to some, just mentioning it.

    Also, if you choose either, Flowers by Mona Ray is THE person to go with :) She's awesome, awesome, awesome!

    Sorry it's so long! Hope it's helpful!!
    Soon-To-Be Heather Nixon
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    Thank you guys for your input! We did go with Apple Blossom, but we did get EVERYTHING in writing and I have saved every email and put it in my file. She did try and push her white table cloths on us, but we told her that we were going to rent ivory ones since my wedding planner can get them cheap (my dress will be ivory so why white on ANYTHING???). Otherwise, we've had no problems so far.! Smile
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    Can I please get an update?!? I really really love the plantation but am absolutely petrified now that I have read all the bad reviews on here and other sites.. =( I thought THAT was the place, and now i am considering taking out the drawing board again after reading the reviews
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