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Venue tours I took..

Hey all,

Just wanted to give a little info for those of you venue-hunting. I looked at the Louisville Science Center, Woodhaven CC and Henry Clay recently and really loved them all! The Louisville Science Center deserves more credit. The coordinator is super sweet and very willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the experience is awesome and fun. Also, the room, when we looked at it was totally bare- meaning they had no decorations up..it was a blank canvas for decorating. However, the view is AMAZING and they have really pretty lighting as well. The entire back wall is windows and they have a "bonus room" off to the side perfect to set up a bar/buffet line. Plus allow you to chose from a good size list of caterers. It's also relatively inexpensive..definitely worth a look.

The Henry Clay is also absolutely breathtaking. It's sooo elegant but pretty inexpensive. Sarah the coordinator is also really nice. The ballrooms are beautiful with cathedral-like ceilings and all wood floors- stunning really. Also, for a heavily discounted price, they'll allow you to rent other rooms also on the floor like a tavern,billiards and studio apartment room used for a bridal suite-- that way you can have the entire floor for your wedding party. It's really neat. I did not choose this location simply because it's TOO nice for me. I'm very mellow and laid back and this place is VERY elegant and uppity. Also, you must use their caterer.

The Woodhaven CC is also amazing. It's in a really nice location and has great parking. When you first walk in, there is a fountain with plants around it. They also had beautiful lighting and a beautiful reception area and an outdoor patio. Also included is a sitting room w/ leather couches, fireplace and big screen tv. The bar is a nice, sturdy wooden bar built in and the restrooms are nice, clean and spacious. The coordinator, Lisa, is also wonderful and a true southern Belle. Catering and Bar is very reasonably priced. Plus the outdoor area is great for photos or even ceremony. Definitely worth looking at! Only downfall is the deposit is large and non-refundable. 

I decided to go w/ The Louisville Science Center-- it's unique, classy and beautiful. It was hard to chose though between them and Woodhaven! 

I also looked at Fourth Avenue Methodist Church which is beautiful and historic-- however a little dusty.

Caldwell Chapel is STUNNING-- a little confusion to get to but is definitely a hidden gem! Booked them also. :) Can't wait for a Louisville Wedding next fall! Hope this info helps-- I also have some pics of the locations.

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