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Candy Buffets Pros/Cons

Anyone on here already done a candy buffet? How did it work out? Did your guests like it? Where did you get all the supplies and candy? PLEASE HELP!

Re: Candy Buffets Pros/Cons

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    I am the owner of Dulce Designs-candy buffets, check out my website www.dulcedesignscandy.com if you would like a vendor to take care of this for you or if you would like to do this yourself also contact me and I can give you advice on where I purchase all my supplies/candy!! Thank you and congrats on your upcoming wedding ;)

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    Amisgro, there is no vendor advertising allowed on the boards.  You have been reported. 
  • inkygirlinkygirl member
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    kdmoelle, I was at a friend's wedding a few weeks ago and she did a candy buffet.  It was cute, but there was nothing to put the candy in when we got it.  It was open for the cocktail time while we waited for them to finish their pictures.  My fiance and I could only take the M&Ms we could fit in our hands!  Plus, there weren't signs, so what we thought were malted milk balls were really gumballs.  That was a rude awakening!
  • squirrlysquirrly member
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    You might want to ask on the Budget and DIY boards.  They have a lot of Candy Buffet posts and you'll likely get better info over there.
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  • jessicarheajessicarhea member
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    i love the candy buffets idea, you may even add fruit  so you can have other oppions for some guest  like candy apples or strawberry, and maybe a rootbeer bar w/ cokd or orange sode
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    A few of my friends have done candy buffets. They just made a separate table and put different types of candy in little bowls and had a little spoon for each one to scoop out. I'm sure they just went to some place like Sams or Costco to get the candy in bulk. They also provided some type of container for us to put our candy in. One of my friends got Chinese take out containers for people to put their candy in. You can get them cheap online. I know Oriental Trader has some, but I'm sure you could find some on ebay as well.

    They had m&m's, jelly beans, chocolates, assorted nuts, mints, and Grippos (BBQ chips if you've never heard of them) for our girlfriends because they're obsessed with them.
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