GTA Officiant Reccomendations?

Hi knotties,
     I'm looking for an officiant for a non-denominational, non-religious wedding service in Cambridge next year.

Do any of you have one that you liked/would recommend?


Re: GTA Officiant Reccomendations?

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    All Season Weddings is a great place to start, and I'm sure there will be many more recommendations from brides soon!
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    Gord is great, I was so impressed after our first meeting with him. He has been doing this for years and really tailors it to what you want. He has also has great reccomendations for other wedding suppliers. 
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    My fiancés co-worker used All Season Weddings and we plan on getting in touch with them over the next couple of months too! It's also a stress reliever knowing that if the Officiant you choose is sick, there is a guaranteed back-up!! That is not a stress you want to deal with on your wedding day!!
  • LevenahLevenah member
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    We used someone from All Seasons, but I'm not im happy that they keep more than 50% of the fee collecte. The officiants really get screwed.
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    Levenah - what do you mean the officiants gets screwed? The company takes most of the $$ ? that is so unfortunate!! We are looking to book them
  • I would never ever recommend All Seasons weddings.

    I have posted in detail the issues on another board.  In short, after we paid, meet the officiant and were ASSURED that the day was available and finalized the details, they cancelled, offering no backup, and no alternatives.  We were left with no one to marry us. 
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