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NFP and Wedding Night

FI and I are just finishing our natural family planning classes and we've decided that we will try it out once we get married. We don't want kids for a few more years since we are both young (19 & 20) and we're running into a small problem. :)I estimated my cycle for the month of the wedding and our wedding night and honeymoon land during my most fertile time of the month. What would you do? "Cheat" since it's your wedding night or just wait the extra week or so?

Re: NFP and Wedding Night

  • fubarmichyfubarmichy member
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    edited December 2011
    Our priest told us that it is a sin if we withhold having sex when I'm fertile.  He said the point of having relations  is to get pregnant.  I've read at other places though that the point of NFP is to know when to not have sex so that you dont get pregnant... who knows!!!!
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