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How to honor my dad who has passed away...

During the ceremony I want to honor my dad who has passed away. My older brother will be giving me away, but he will meet me half way down the aisle as though he is now taking over for our dad. I just want guests to know how important my dad is to me and that he is present in my heart on this very special day....any ideas???? what would be ok during a catholic wedding?

Re: How to honor my dad who has passed away...

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    My FI's dad passed away about 10 years ago. I did a booklet style program. I am not catholic but the FI is so we are having a duel ceremony. The 1st page of the program is a tribute to his father. I said something like to Today we honor "FI's dad". We are blessed to have him with us in spirit. ...." I talked about how his life is represented here today and how he will influence us, as a couple always. It's so hard not having someone so important with you on that day. I'm walking 1/2 alone as well. My FI will meet me half way to come get me - representing my journey alone and then together. I think it's so sweet you are doing something similar. Have a wonderful day!
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    my father passed away 10 years ago as well.  i opted to walk down the aisle, the entire way, with my husband.  i honestly probably would have done that anyway, even if my dad had been alive, as i dont like the concept of being given away. other than that, i wore a pair of earrings that my dad gave me.  i tried not to think of him too much that day as i did nto want to be sad.  we didnt make any big showings or call outs.  everyone knew he wasnt there.  it just would have been too hard to me.  but everyone is different;  if you want to put somethign in a program or somethign like that, many do that. 
  • tnspighttnspight member
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    We are having memorial candles for fi's dad and my grandparents who've passed.  FI will walk his mom down then she will light the candle.
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    You could mention him in the Prayer of the Faithful. Maybe have your mother, or one of your dad's parents or siblings, be the one to read it.
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    when had all our loved ones that had passed away mentioned by name when we prayed for those who had died during the prayers of the faithful
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    We are mentioning him and our other loved ones in the prayers of the faithful and I am having a locket wrapped around my bouquet with his picture in it. Another symbolic way of him in spirit walking me down the isle.

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    I would mention something in the program, a mention of him in the prayers of the faithful, and then incorporate him into the reception with pictures and any of his interests.  Like, if he liked to smoke cigars, have cigars, if he liked a certain sports team or hobby, have a cake made into that.  I don't like it when people say you should just do something minimal like put a flower in their chair because it's supposed to be a happy day. It will be happy regardless. You just want to make sure that the memory of your dad is present and everyone feels that in fun ways.  You could put a picture of him next to the programs too!
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    We put mentions in the Prayers of the Faithful about our deceased immediate family members. Other than that, our honoring of them was not noticeable to most of the guests.  My mother's wedding rings were laced into my bouquet, and one of our hymns was a favorite of his sister.  Most people wouldn't have known about these things -- but we did, and that made it more special to us.
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