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Catholic Weddings

Readers Question

Do the readers in my Catholic ceremony have to be Catholic as well?  I'm having such a difficult time picking readers!

Re: Readers Question

  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    some priests may want them to be.  IMO, they should at least believe in God and be supportive of teh Catholic faith.  But some priests may insist they be Catholic as that is their preference.
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    Depends on the parish. Mine you had to belive the section your were reading so old testiment jewish would be fine but new you needed to at least be christian
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    It varies from parish to parish, and even within a church. The priest at my church wanted all the readers to be catholic, but the deacon who married us said as long as the reader believes what they are reading, it was okay with him. My jewish aunt read the old testament, and DH's catholic godmother read the new. I believe the reader of the prayers of the faithful can be any religion (or even non-religious).
  • ring_popring_pop member
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    My church told me that I could pick whomever I wanted. The readers we chose for the scripture readings were Catholic, and the readers for the Prayers of the Faithful were not.
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    This question never came up during our process. Both of our readers were Christian, but neithe were Catholic and it turned out fine.
  • Tuneful_BrideTuneful_Bride member
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    We had a mix of Catholic and non-Catholic readers at our wedding, and our priest said it was fine, but preferable if they had some lectoring experience. My uncle had lectored often at his Episcopal church, so he read from the Old Testament. One of our close friends read from the New Testament, and she was Catholic with a little experience. My aunts, one Catholic and one Baptist, split the reading of petitions in the Prayers of the People.
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    mine didn't have to be, but i chose people who were. i did not feel comfortable asking someone to read scripture who did not believe.
  • ootmother2ootmother2 member
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    Not usually unless you have a very old fashioned priest.Scripture could be read by anyone, even an atheist would appreciate the wisdom and the flow of words as they are written.  There's a good deal of prose and poetry in the bible.One of the gift bearers was Lutheren from childhood but really not a believer in much of anything.  He was honored that his nephew chose  to add him into the ceremony.We all have different beliefs, even as Catholics and should respect the beliefs of others.
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