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"Ave Maria" after unity candle??

Has anyone heard of having the Ave Maria sung after the lighting of the unity candle?  We already have songs picked for the presentation of the gifts, sign of peace, and communion but were hoping to incorporate this song as well.  One of our musicians is suggesting it might be too long to be played here?  Just looking for some opinions....thanks!!

Re: "Ave Maria" after unity candle??

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    How about using it as the entrance of the moms song. I think it is a long song for during a candle lighting but hey if it makes you happy roll with it
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    I'm having Ave Maria for the flower presentation to Virgin Mary.  That is what my priest suggested, and I like it.
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    Ditto, I'd use it for the presentation of flowers to Mary. We actually used Hail Mary, Gentle Woman and signed the marriage license right after the presentation to allow more time for the song.
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