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a couple of questions

So I finally found out about my Pre Cana it's starting in January, we should be receiving a letter in december letting us know the details. My questions are 1) is NFP a mandatory part of pre cana? because my priest never mentioned anything about it to us and the first I'd heard of it at all was on these boards so if anyone went through pre cana in the Roman Catholic Church could answer this I would appreciate it. My 2nd question is, is it expected that you would invite the Priest to the reception?

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    alliecarrie41alliecarrie41 member
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    what do you mean is NFP a mandatroy part?  it's not like you'll be demo'ing it during your class :P  it's mentioned and depending on your church / program / sponsors running the show they may or may not go into depth on this.  they did not during my pre-cana.  yes, it is common courtesy invite the priest to your reception and RD.
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    Many priests do not require NFP as part of Pre-Cana. Our priest did require the intro course of NFP and we decided that it is for us and have enjoyed learning this. You'll have to check with your priest for his actual requirements. We are inviting our priest to the rehearsal, BBQ party and reception. I think you should invite the priest to the rehearsal and reception. I've heard some brides say the priest comes and others say they don't. I think it depends on how close your relationship is with your priest. Ours is pretty close and he's already said he can't wait to attend.
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    It really depends on your diocese. We were getting married in Colorado, and we were given a pamphlet that had 3 requirements. One was NFP and the other two had some options. However, we went through pre-cana where we live and they only required a couple things. Our diocese here does not require NFP.
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    Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    Our priest did nto require it, but it was mentioned and he suggested taking the course if we were not already aware of how it worked.  I chose to self-teach myself teh method.  So far so good. The priest shoudl always be invited to the RD and the reception.  Always.
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    The priest should *definitely* be invited to the rehearsal dinner and reception! After all, he's the one marrying you which is the reason for the celebration in the first place. Like the others said, he may decline if he's not particularly close to you or your families, but it would be a little rude not to invite him. Btw- My personal thought is that this etiquette should be practiced by everyone getting married, not just in the case of priests and Catholic weddings.
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