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FOCCUS anxiety

So, FI and I have discussed everything under the sun and have always seen eye-to-eye, yet somehow, the prospect of taking the FOCCUS test terrifies me. I have always had severe test anxiety, so I have this fear of "failing" and our sponsor couple/priest saying we aren't allowed to get married (irrational, I know, but I can't help it). We've already talked about the huge things in life sex, children, retirement, alcohol, etc.) and have had a lot of life experience together, so we feel prepared for a life together... Is the FOCCUS a big scary deal? Is it possible to "fail"? Thanks in advance, ladies :)

Re: FOCCUS anxiety

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    You can't fail it. DH and I have discussed just about everything as well. There were still a few areas that we disagreed with on the test. Turns out it was because we had simply read the question differently in each case. Not a big deal. The entire point is for the test to be a conversation starter between you and the other couple.
  • girllennongirllennon member
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    There's no such thing as failing FOCCUS. It only points out areas that you both may not see eye-to-eye on. When we took it in February, some of the questions were a little ambiguous, so we gave questionable responses b/c of how it was worded. There's really nothing to worry about and it's not really necessary to be anxious, just relax, take your time on the questions and you'll be fine.
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  • eponvilleeponville member
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    You can't fail- its not a test- the point of the "inventory" as everyone lies to call it- is to bring your attention to certain topics that might not have come up yet.We didn't take the FOCCUS- we took "prepare enrich" and there were a couple of categories that we scored really low in because we had not discussed the topic in depeth quite yet or we read the questions wrong. we had a mentor couple that went over the results with us and it was very helpfull. We found it very helpful because it brought up alot of great discussion.
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    I had similar anxiety before we took the FOCUS test.  Don't worry, it was really not a big deal.  It's pretty much just making sure that you've talked about the important issues.  I really wouldn't stress over it too much.  You two will be fine.
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  • knwithamknwitham member
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    Our priest let us take home the FOCCUS test booklet with questions, so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask! Shoot me an email if you'd like [email protected] dot com
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