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Hello I just noticed someone said they did pre-cana online. I was wondering how common this is? My FI and I are both military and are stationed in different countries. On top of that I am deployed. I will be getting back about 3 months before we plan to marry. I've spoken to my chaplain a little at my home station, and I've been bouncing around states for several months in training, so I haven't really had a chance to talk to anyone else. FI can talk to his chaplain too. Basically I'm wondering how we're going to get our classes done and via internet sounds ideal. So yeah, sorry for the long post, any help is appreciated.

Re: Pre-Cana

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    there is a girl on here - meltoine - who was in a similar situation and she did her pre-cana online, so you should prolly try to reach out to her directly.
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    Sorry, Bint! I just noticed this post! We did our Pre-Cana online. My FI is stationed in OH and I am living in NY. First thing you should do is make sure your diocese accepts the online version - some do, some don't. The website has a list of the dioceses that do. Here is the site we used: catholicmarriageprep.com HTH!
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