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What if FI is not finished with RCIA?

We are moving our date way up for many reasons. FI will  be in the middle of classes. I know only the priest could really answer this, but do you think it is possible they would still do a mass?

Re: What if FI is not finished with RCIA?

  • meltoinemeltoine
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    They will most likely still do a mass, if you BOTH want it. The main reason priests suggest not having a full mass if one partner isn't Catholic is because they can't both receive communion together. But in your case, I think if the priest is willing to have his homily reflect the fact that your FI is becoming Catholic and believes in the eucharist and strongly desires to share it with you as soon as he is able, I don't think the symbolism of receiving together as you begin your marriage will be lost. 

    Just make sure YFI doesn't think he'll feel left out if you are both on the altar and he is just watching as you receive. 
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977
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    you should still be able to have Mass. 
  • ootmother2ootmother2
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    I would just suggest skipping the communion part unless your FI can receive.  I don't think it's a comfortable situation for one party to receive and the other not.

    My priest advised the same thing.

    You have the rest of your lives to do receive as a couple, don't make him an outsider at his own wedding.

    Good luck!
  • Jay+MarissaJay+Marissa
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    My father had not finished RCIA at the time of my parent's marriage and they still had a full mass. He also got special dispensation to receive his first communion at their wedding ceremony (so cool!)...granted they were married in March, so it wasn't too long before Easter--maybe you can look into that?
  • cukimerrydollcukimerrydoll
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    I'm Catholic, he's not.

    We're doing a full mass, both taking communion.  It's up to the priest, but FH has been coming with me for a long time, and taking communion anyway.  So we all figured it wasn't much different than what we normally do.

    He's thinking of doing RCIA the year after we get married (because his mom wants to do it with him, and it's too late for this spring), so it wasn't a big deal for us.
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    It depends how stict your church is. I am going through RCIA and will be done about 2 weeks before the wedding. Most priests just dont suggest a mass if one party can not take communion or if the other family is not Catholic so they dont feel left out. You can also alter your ceromny to just leave out the communion, or see if you FI can take it with approval. We are getting married in a Roman Catholic chruch and they will not allow, but it depends on the church and the dicosese.
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