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It's Tuesday!

We are on our second-to-last day of state standardized testing!  And then we still have a week after this one and THEN final exams!  I do not envy these kids.

Hope everyone has a great day ahead!



Re: It's Tuesday!

  • Happy Tuesday!  It should be a pretty quiet day around the office today, all of the attorneys in my office are down in Minneapolis for a Twins game, so it's just us staff today!

    Our first meeting with our Creighton teacher is tonight, I'm excited to start learning more of the NFP specifics, not sure how FI will react to dicussions about CM and that kind of stuff... so we'll see how it goes!
  • Good Morning!  Last night we met with one of our church musicians to go over music selections.  I can't pick something to walk down the aisle to!  I seriously don't think anything sounds right for me!  I'm going to have to do more research, I guess.

    Erin, I'm going to my first Creighton session tomorrow!  I already took NFP through CCL, but haven't had luck.  I'm hoping this ends up working out for me! 


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    I'm in the middle of a crazy week at work before my husband and I leave for a week-long vacation to Southern Oregon!  I'm SO looking forward to it... haven't had any time off for anything but DR appts and being sick so far this year.  My sister and her husband just officially announced that they're pregnant so I don't have to keep a secret about that anymore :-)  I'm horrible at keeping secrets!!

    @Resa... so sorry you're having trouble picking something!  The music selection part is tough and there aren't a lot of comprehensive resources out there to help with the selection.  Do you have any music major friends that could help you with additional options?

    @Erin... have fun at your Creighton classes!  The CM stuff gets a lot less weird after a few classes.  My husband was weird about it initially, too, but eventually got over it :-)  I pity your coworkers wasting a day for a Twins game... they've been doing so awful lately!!  If anything, the gorgeous weather we've finally got this week is definitely worth the trip.

    @Prof... good luck with that!  Do all the exams at least lighten your load a bit as a teacher?  Or is it a challenge to keep the students focused?
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    The weather is definitely gorgeous here and I'd enjoy a Twins game even though they're stinking terribly this year :) My excitement for the day is that my phone just went through the wash. I'm trying the old dry-it-in-a-bowl-of-rice trick to see if that will help. Almost all of our son's baby pictures are on my phone which is my main concern at this point. A word to the wise - back up your photos!

    Resa, good luck with your class and with picking music. I think we must not have cared much about our music because I barely remember what we chose. Though, I will say this - I found our leftover programs from our wedding this weekend (we were married in Oct. 2010) and I was surprised at how much of it I didn't remember - even the readings we had picked, which I felt we had put a lot of thought into, I was surprised at. "Hmm... I forgot we picked that one". I guess the day wasn't as memorable as I thought ;)
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  • I think they're all just happy to have a day out of the office in the nice weather - I honestly don't know how well/bad the Twins are this year, FI is an Atlanta Braves fan, and I just haven't ever gotten into following baseball.  Although I'd happily go to a game anytime in weather like this - the one MLB game I've been to was Twins/Braves a few years ago, and it rained the entire time. It was fun, but I could've done without purchasing a totally overpriced raincoat at the Columbia store at MOA right before the game...

    Newlyseliski - i just peeked at your bio, I really like your program!  It's a lot more detailed than the example we got from our Church, I'll have to use yours as inspiration when I start preparing mine
  • Resa, somewhat.  My Honors kids took a test last week that I haven't even looked at.  I feel terrible for not telling them how they've done, but I've been so busy trying to get review materials ready for the stupid End of Course (which is Thursday) that I just put all my grading on the backburner.  I promised them we'd go over it first thing during finals review week, and it would be a great review.



  • Erin and Resa that's so funny because our first class with the creighton instructor is tonight too lol  Apparently this is the week for that :o)

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  • Yay for all the Creighton classes! Good luck to all of you. Don't worry, your fiances will get used to the CM talk soon enough!

    Prof -- nothing worse than state testing. I find it so draining -- all proctoring and trying to keep kids from going crazy.

    We just started finals today. I'm just holding on by a thread trying to get through this week. I have 10 more minutes of after-work procrastination, then I have to grade another class of essays. I have a stack of finals from this morning waiting for me when I get to work tomorrow. Two more classes take them tomorrow. Then we have graduation practice tomorrow afternoon. And grades are due Thursday, before graduation. Did I mention that graduation is all the way across town? Plus, baby exhaustion has officially set back in.

    I just can't wait to get to next week. I have to work through June, but at least it will be just a few kids for summer school and meetings and stuff (read: much easier). I can focus on important things like reading, resting and nesting.
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