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cyclo-thermo method of NFP

I am just looking into NFP, and I am really excited about it. Is anyone using the Couple to Couple League's Cyclo-Thermo Method? What do I need to buy in order to start learning it on my own.  The Home Study course is kind of expensive, and I just wanted to know if I had to buy the whole thing or if I could buy only parts of it.  

Re: cyclo-thermo method of NFP

  • meltoinemeltoine
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    You don't really need anything. I'm using a regular thermometer (though I hear that Basal Body Temp thermometers are a little more accurate - important if your charts are hard to interpret. And I use the free software from Fertility Friend. 
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977
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    i self taught myself the method by reading "taking charge of your fertility" and asking a lot of Q's on here and doing other online research.  i got my thermometer from the CCL - it was suggested by a knottie on here.

    the method is so easy.  i wish i had started it years ago.
  • Jay+MarissaJay+Marissa
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    I think it's Sympto-Thermal, but yes, the FI and I have learned, and I'm liking it so far. I also recommend the CCL thermometer--my Target version crapped out on me after 2 weeks
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