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Hi, i was hoping you all could help me with something. I have been catholic for a year now, so i have a lot of questions still about how things are done! Especially when it comes to planning a ceremony in the church. This board has really helped answer so many of my questions though! thanks. however, i was wondering, do the readers sit with everyone else during the ceremony, or do they sit somewhere else until they get up to do the reading? i have one of my best friends doing a reading, and i want her to feel special doing it. Is there any way to make her a bigger part of the ceremony? any ideas would be so great... or sharing with me how you are doing everyhing with the readers and ushers and the people who bring the gifts up. thanks so much!!!

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    they dont usually sit up on the altar, but you should probably have them somewhere near the front.  i usually see the groomsmen in the front row on one side, and hte bridesmaids in the front row on the other.  teh readers and gift bearers usually seem to appear from somewhere.  no reason why they cant be seated up front.

    the gift bearers usually arent up front, since tehy just walk to hte back and they carry the gifts down the aisle to the altar. (at least what i've seen).

    you can always opt to buy corsages/bouts for these folks to help distinguish them as well.  its not required, but its a nice touch for usually relatively short money.

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    Ditto everything Calypso said!
    My Grandparents on their wedding day.
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    Repeat this to your self: My Wedding Party is made of my family and friends and I should treat them as such.
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