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Question about addressing an invitation to a bishop...

Our officiant is a bishop under The American National Catholic Church (part of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church).  How do we write his title on the invitation mailing envelope?  Would we address it to: The Most Reverend [first and last name] or The Most Reverend Bishop [his first and last name]?  Or is there another way?

TIA for your help!
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Re: Question about addressing an invitation to a bishop...

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    The Most Reverend (full name).
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    In spoken conversation, you would call your bishop "Bishop (last name)" or "Your Excellency." In opening a letter, you would put "Dear Bishop (last name)" or "Your Excellency" ("Dear" is not used in front of "Your [title]"). In addressing an envelope you would put on the first line "The Most Rev. (full name)" and on the second line "Bishop of (diocese)."  Archbishops follow the same protocol as bishops.
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