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Invite priest & deacon to RD?

Hi ladies! Sorry if this was posted already, I tried looking a few pages back but didn't see anything.

Our RD is after our church rehearsal and FMIL will be sending out invites soon. Do we need to send priest and deacon one or is word of mouth fine since they will obviously be at the church rehearsal? We sent them both a wedding invitation, but I didn't know if the same thing applies for the RD as well....TIA

Re: Invite priest & deacon to RD?

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    tldhtldh member
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    Send them an inviation.  I wouldn't assume anything.
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    Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    if you are doing formal invites for everyone else, tehn yes, they should get formal invites too (same with the wedding itself - they should also receive teh same invitation as the others).
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    mlhw NHmlhw NH member
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    I would send them an invite since everyone else is getting one. 
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