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XP: Your "everyday" Foundation

Hey girls! I just posted this on the beauty board, but thought I'd ask you all your thoughts too. Here's what I posted:

Hey ladies! This isn't exactly WR, but I need some suggestions for foundation for everyday use. I'm currently just using Loreal mineral make up with a primer underneath from Avon, so I clearly don't spend a ton of money on make up. I find that even when I sit inside my A/C'ed office all day, I start to get a little shiny by the time the afternoon rolls around. So I'm just wondering what foundation and/or primer you ladies use or would recommend. If you wouldn't mind advising me on the price too that would be very helpful. I think that I might have to start venturing out of the $10 line of foundations. Thanks so much!

Re: XP: Your "everyday" Foundation

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    I am in the same boat as you.  I would never spend more than $20 on a makeup item.  I had been using the cheap foundation by NYC but I am really pale and even their lightest shade made me orange-y

    Last week, I got Covergirl Clean liquid foundation and they make different varieties for sensitive skin and oil control too.  It is great for under eye circles and blends in well without looking cake-y.  It's been pretty much the only foundation I have ever been happy with so that is saying a lot. Hope this helps, here is a picture.

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    I use liquid foundation from Revlon, but also add the mineral skin finish powder from MAC on top, just to control shine. It's a little pricey ($28), but it lasts a looooong time. On days where my skin is in good shape, I skip the liquid and just do the powder so that it's not too heavy.

    For face primer, I know this sounds odd, but someone recommened Monistat to me, and it does work! It is a lot less expensive than products that are marketed as primers, but does the job just as well.
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    I never wear makeup because I tend to be allergic to them, however I did find a foundation that seems to be okay with my skin. It's Almay's nearly naked line. I just put on a good face moisturizer and then slap on the foundation, liek I said , when I wear make-up (maybe once, every other month, seriously)  As for price I can'r remeber how much I paid but I highly doubt it was more than $15, canadian.
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