Needs help with wedding cake, Gruvers Bakery in dallastown????

Im having a hard time getting ahold of this bakery, Ive called numerous times and no answer just rings and then goes to a machine. Left a message 2 days ago and no return phone call. Has anyone used Gruvers bakery in Dallastown. i saw them at a bridal show and was impressed with there prices but now not with there customer. or does anyone know a good place with reasonable prices and that delivers to hanover pa without crazy fees. any suggestions??? thanks!!

Re: Needs help with wedding cake, Gruvers Bakery in dallastown????

  • I'm using Just Cupcakes in York... But I guess that only helps if you want cupcaks and not cake. They were the BEST cupcakes I have ever tasted!
  • I don't know of any other bakeries in that area however if you have a hard time reaching them now, just imagine if and when you book them.  That's kinda my point of view when booking vendors.. if they're not accessable or contact you back within 48 hours.. don't chase them.  Not worth your precious time.  Just my two cents:)
  • I work with a woman whose daughter is using Gruvers, and she is having a difficult time getting in touch with anyone as well. It takes them about a week to ever get back to them (that would concern me!) but aside from that, she said she does like the work the are doing for her cake.
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