Tux Rental Review: H-Burg (look if you got your BM dresses at AA)

Ok, so FI, my mom, and I went to Strictly Formals to pick out the tuxes.  We had a great experience! 

The prices are cheap - everything is included in the price (shirt, tie, etc), except for the shoes which are $20.  The tuxes (and everything else) were $99 , and the GM's get $20 off.  Also, if you have 5 tux rentals, the groom gets his for free, and the Father of the bride gets his for 1/2 off.  Now that part, I think may be a special he is running...I can't remember.

I believe this guy was the owner - he was so nice!  He is a bit of a talker though,(and in love with Penn State - awesome!) but we had a good time with him!

He's on Walnut St. in Harrisburg - close to Colonial Park Mall.  If you got your dress/BM dresses at an Alfred Angelo, he is the place you can go to who matches the colors you pick for your BM's.  They are the ones who told me about this store - as I inquired how I would match the GM vests to the BM dresses we got there.

I just thought I'd let everyone know about it!  Seeing as how most of those other tux places rent you the items separately and ends up costing much more.

*Edit: there was also something about the ring bearer in the special - but our DOG is going to be our ring bearer, and he offered to just let us use a bowtie collar for him, which I thought was awesome!
*12.31.10*New Year's Eve!*
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