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Visitor - Lake Forest rehearsal dinner ideas?

Hello, I used to frequent the NY board when I was planning my wedding, that was hree years ago, I now have a colleage  asking the following, is this the right place to look and can anyone help? Thank you so much for reading.

My son is getting married in the spring in Lake Forest Illinois, and somehow my ex husband & I need to figure out a rehearsal dinner.
I am totally inexperienced in such things, and was wondering if anyone out there has either hosted one or been to one that was fun – I'm looking for ideas. 
We could have it in a tent (already set up for the wedding) or a restaurant for anywhere from 25 – 60 people.  Ideas?  Suggestions?

Thank you.

Re: Visitor - Lake Forest rehearsal dinner ideas?

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    Please forgive multiple spelling errors!!
  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    I would repost this on the Illinois-Chicago boards as more suburban Chicago people will see this and respond.  Are you limited in how far from the Lake Forest area you travel?  Lake Forest is in what is considered the North Shore, and there are a variety of restaurants up and down Milwaukee Avenue from the north end to the south.  Are you looking for a formal, plated dinner?  You also say "fun".....could you broaden that definition?  The Chicago brides will have lots of suggestions!
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    Thank you for the feedback, I will do that
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