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cake prices?

Obviously there are about a million factors to consider - size, location, quality, reputation, fanciness.... but I don't even have one tiny bit of a clue as to how much a wedding cake costs!  I'm such a newbie at this... most of my friends got married at a time when I wasn't paying the least bit of attention to these kinds of things. I don't want to make a tasting appointment only to freak out when I see the price!  So... central Pennsylvania (rural), cake for approx. 100 people... can anyone clue me in to a starting guesstimate?

Re: cake prices?

  • Kaytee241Kaytee241 member
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    Prices are usually quoted per serving. Low end is probably $2.50-3/slice, and depending on how fancy/complicated can approach $10 (maybe more?). Average is probably under $5, though. Hth!
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    I am looking for 125 and my two prices have been between 400-600.  I feel like that's a little high.  A lot of places will charge higher per slice for the normal tiered cake, but then much less per serving if you have an extra sheet cake in the back.  That way you can still have a pretty main cake, but it just won't be as big.  A friend of mine did a styrofoam cake will all sheet cake in the back.  That saved a bundle she said. 
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    I have ben quoted anywhere from 2.95-5 dollars a person, depending on what you want.
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    Our cake is going to be $4.25 a serving...I agree with everyone else though on the range!  :)

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    Our 4-layer cake from House of Clarendon (each layer was a different flavor and different filling) was about $4.50 per serving (we had a pretty big wedding).  The cake was delicious!  The price also included a small anniversary cake (flavor of our choosing) that was prepared for us fresh right around our first anniversary. 
  • althea1016althea1016 member
    edited December 2011
    My cake for 150 guest is $465. Sounds like a lot that's what it costs! We're serving our top tier and will have a cake (or maybe cupcakes) made for the anniversary. That saved us about $100. Who wants to eat freezer burned cake anyways? :)
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