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Hi -- Hope someone here can help.  I haven't lived in Peoria in about 10 years and would like to plan a baby shower for my sister in the area.  Peoria is a central location for family and friends so we really don't have someone's house.  I am thinking a private room at a restaurant.  Do you have any suggestions?  We usually stay out by Grand Prairie or along the East Peoria riverfront. 

Thanks in advance!

Re: Peoria baby shower locations

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    You should call up Embassy Suites and ask about one of their meeting rooms.  I had my reception at the hotel and then the brunch there the next morning, they are very accommodating.

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    Try Denharts in Washington, not far from East Peoria riverfront. Also, try Peoria Womans Club on Monroe in Peoria, very nice & pretty economical & 225 in Mark Twain building. Hope that helps.
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