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I was considering getting some either wine glasses or champagne glass flutes that are personalized for my wedding favors. I found a place online that sells them for between $318-$360, that includes shipping and a discount code, total cost. Just wondering if this is pretty steep for wedding favors for about 180 people?

My other question is if I need 180, less or more? I haven't sent out my invitations just quite yet, but I know I will be having some kids or young adults under 21 there so do I order less than my total expected guest count(which is 200)? In that case, I would probably stick with my 180 count...

If you have any other recs for champagne glasses, etc. please send my way. I was researching on, (if you used them please share) thanks.
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Re: Wedding Favor?'s

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    Personally, I would have no use for a personalized wine glass or champagne flute that has your wedding info on it.  I received a personalized coozie at a wedding, and only use that as a last resort.  I really feel no need to want to advertize someone's wedding I went to.

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    I agree with the pp. but if you really want to do this. Order your glasses from they have an amazing selction that can be delivered, free if you have the store order it and you pick it up when it comes in. they are mostly all from the LIBBEY collection. then online order a etch screen with your wording and everything you want on there and then buy bottles of etch creme from hobby lobby with 40% discounts. its the cheapest way to do it.

    or check out your local trophy store and see what they can do or who they can recommend, we have one here and i never knew they did this till i thought about it... and then changed my mind.if your not sure if everyone would be bowled over by this then i would strongly rethink this.. as a guest to weddings in the past, i would think it was part of the decor and leave it..
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    We are using margarita glasses as a favor.  Instead of etching things on them, there are two other "non-permanent" things you could do, in the hopes that more guests would be inclined to re-use the glass.

    A very fun, personalized, and easy thing to do would be to make your own wine charms.  The main, or center bead, could be anything from a crystal bead to match your color scheme, almost any imprint (words or pictures) on a silver "medal" type bead, or even a monogram.  There are YouTube how-to is practically a no-brainer to make these.

    Another idea is rather than make a permanent etch on the glass, you can order clear, vinyl stickers with personalizations.  You see large scale versions of these at almost any holiday and are meant to decorate windows and mirrors.  I think they are called vinyl clings.  I am not sure whether that would look cheesy or not as I have never seen it done personally---I just know that such a thing exists.

    Or----another very inexpensive idea would be to put some thought into a coaster for underneath the glass instead---you can go from inexpensive cardstock varieties to glass. 

    Finally, you can order and personalize vellum "shades" to place over the wine glass and turn them into votives.....they can become part of your centerpiece as well as favor.

    Good luck!!
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    If its not personalized on the actual glass, you can get personalized ribbon with your name and wedding date and tie it around the stem of each glass.  I got this at a wedding and thought it was really cute idea!  I am also a scrapbooker so I used the ribbon on a page in my scrapbook with a couple pictures we took at the wedding.  So I got a lot of use out of this favor!
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    oops,  I just realized this was from July 2010, not 2011.  But maybe someone else will benefit from this post :)
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