Hotel/Wedding packages?

Hi all , I recently got engaged and my wedding will be in IL. I am wondering a bit about those wedding packages that some hotels offer. Anyone know anything about those or maybe the prices of these packages and are they worth it?

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Re: Hotel/Wedding packages?

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    Congrats on the engagement. Where in Illinois are you looking at? Most hotels will have a minimum amount you have to spend if you'e going to have your wedding reception on a weekend. Actually, most places will regardless of being a hotel or not. When my dh and I were planning our wedding we looked at hotels in our area, but thought the pricing was too much for us. The nice thing about some hotels is that some of them have an all inclusive type package where it's a set price per person and that includes, dinner, some sort of drink package, cake, champagne toast, appetizers,  and usually some extra things thrown in (i.e. bridal suite, limo,etc.)

    I would recommend calling or emailing hotels in the area you're looking at and requesting info. HTH! Just to throw a ballpark number out to you, but the cheapest we found for a saturday wedding was a minimum $4000.
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    Now, I can't speak for all hotel packages, but I looked into the Hilton Garden Inn in Champaign/Urbana a couple of months ago and didn't think it was such a great deal. The site coordinators were top-notch, but unless you have a large wedding planned (like 300+) you're stuck in a smaller event space with low ceilings and little personality. I'd have to check my notes to see what the minimum was, but I do remember feeling like it was a little high.

    Like I said, the staff there was great, and the guest rooms are really nice there, but unless you're having a very large wedding, it didn't seem worth it to me.

    Good luck!

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