Tricoci University in Glendale Heights--Eye lash application

Sooo make-up artists are crazy expensive and I kind of like how I do mine, BUT I want my eyes to stand out and lashes are the way to go.  Problem is I have tried several times to put them on and lets just say they looked like a 5 year old put them on.  I thought I would try a test run at Tricoci University in Glendale Heights.  The prices there are great and if they do a good job and I like them I could go a day or two before the wedding to get them put on.  I actually took a chance and went to the university before—I was soo lucky my girl was graduating soon and now she does my hair out of her house for the same prices that the university charges.  Hopefully I’ll be 2 for 2.  Has anyone gone there before and if so how did it go?  Thanks so much for your helpSmile

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