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My fiance's parents are divorced and both remarried.  He keeps going back and forth on both his dad and stepdad wearing tuxes (or just his dad) on the wedding day.  His mom really wants his stepdad in one. My fiance doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  He doesn't want his dad to get mad that his stepdad is in a tux. Including dad/stepdad, mom, grandparents, etc.  Opinions/Suggestions, please! 

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    I would say it depends on what you want for pictures.  If the new spouses will be in a lot of the family photos then the new dad in a tux would be a lot more uniform and look better in pictutes.

    The men in tuxes is also kind of an honor, so it depends on his relationship with the step dad.  If they're close and he's been a male role model in his life then go for it.  If he sees him as just his mom's husband, then maybe not.

    Planning a wedding for 3 families (2 of which are not yours) sucks.  I'm having to do it too.  It sounds like they're at least being civil to each other - it could be worse!
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