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Ok so I am new at this, I like to read other people's posts but I never post anything myself. I am getting very concerned that I am not going to have any vendors at my wedding. Every vendor I call is already booked up and this has been happening for months :( I am getting married in June in my fiance's home town so I am struggling to find vendors there and I am unsure how to choose them because I am not physically meeting with anyone. Is this normal, do I need to meet with people or can I do it all blind? Is anyone else runing into these type of problems? The wedding is in Danville IL if anyone knows of vendors in that area I would appreciate names/numbers also:)

Re: Help! Newbie

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    If you can't get to them in person, can you use i-chat or one of those video services? My google talk has a video icon but I am not sure how it actually works. It might be worth looking into.
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