Chicago Hotels & Where to ask guests to stay

We are getting married at Union Station and are starting to look at hotels close by. I really wanted to find a hotel within walking distance because a) we are going to offer parking vouchers for the garage by Union Station so people can save money and b) I would like for people to have a short trip back to the hotel and not be tempted to possibly drive after drinking

My dilemma is that there are not a lot of hotel options around the area. The Holiday Inn and the W City Center are within a few blocks and the Palmer House and the Blake would be a very short cab ride.

I feel like I am already asking alot from my out of town guests and am wondering if I should direct them to the nicer hotels or the Holiday Inn based on rates. I really wanted to offer one hotel but I like the nicer hotels and am afraid to ask anyone to pay that much.

Should I try to set up party options at 2 hotels and let guests choose or just make a note on the invite that if budget is an issue the Holiday Inn is located close?
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