Reception Venues near Huntley/Elgin?

I am looking for options for reception venues near Elgin, IL... My finance and I are getting married on 6-22-13 at my church in Huntley, IL. I need a reception venue that is not too far from the church any preferrably in the direction of Elgin. My dad is disabled and cannot travel very far distances. It is already going to be rough for him and I am trying to find a venue that would be not too far from his home and the church. It is important to me that my dad be able to participate as much as possible but I am having difficulty finding a venue...I should mention we are on a pretty tight budget as well... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Reception Venues near Huntley/Elgin?

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    Was just at the Holiday Inn in Elgin a few weeks ago and it was just finishing their remodel.. From what I could see so far, the ballroom looked great!  Check into it. Kristin is the one who plans weddings there. Good luck!
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