XP Parents pushing outdoor reception too hard...

As many midwest brides to be know, weather here is way to unpredictable in the beginning of May. My parents are pushing the idea of a outdoor reception way to hard and I'm beginning to think I'll be a bad person if I tell them I don't want one because Im worried about the weather. Is there an alternative option for indoor venues that will be just as cheap?

Re: XP Parents pushing outdoor reception too hard...

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    We wanted to do outdoor too - until we started looking at the cost - tent, table/chair rentals, etc.  It just didn't save us the money like we were hoping.  Plus - renting bathrooms?  No thanks!

    They are definitely options for indoor places - look at VFW halls for REALLY good rates.  I've found a lot of unique reception sites by going to catering websites - they sometimes list the venues they work at.  I'm also looking farther away from Chicago for cheaper rates.  Just start googling, it's amazing what you'll find!

    Good luck!
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    I love the idea of an outdoor reception, but like PP after budgeting out having to rent *everything* ourselves it is going to be the same if not more in the long-run.

    Try looking for venues owned by NFPs, cities, colleges, etc.
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    Why not compromise and try to find a place with an outdoor feel to it.  Perhaps a country club with large windows or a hall with lots of natural light.

    Not even kidding but I know of a hall that has a "tree" in the middle of the dance floor.
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    You need to do what you want. It's your wedding! Don't let your mom try and persuade you to do anything you don't want to do because you only get married once and your wedding should be exactly how you imagined!
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    Loyola University of Chicago is a great venue.
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    Definitely make a decision that will make you happy.  It's your special day so you should be able to do whatever you want to make it the most memorable!  I heard Loyola University of Chicago is an awesome venue.  One of my best friends from college recently had her wedding there and the photographs were absolutely stunning.  They are actually going to be at this event tonight called The Wedding Salon...I found out about it through an email and I got two free tickets for it!  Here's the info for anyone that wants to attend!

    The Wedding Salon

    Monday, October 3rd, 2011

    4 PM – 8 PM  The W City Center, Chicago 

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    Are your parents paying for the reception?  If so, then I hate to say it, but they really should get some say in the details then.

    I like H's idea about a country club with big windows.

    If you do an outdoor reception and they're footing the bill, then remind them of everything you'll need to rent (chairs, tables, tent, heaters, etc) and see if that changes their mind
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