Best place to buy wedding rings ever in north west Illinois and eastern Iowa

My Fi and i just bought our rings and i decided to get one on each side of my engagement ring so we went to many places but the cost was just way to much. we went the Helzberg and i fell in love with a ring but it was $1400 and we just couldn't afford that for one ring much less 2 so after much looking we went to Riddles Jewelry in the North Park mall in Davenport IA. The sales people were so helpful and the manager was on site to help us even though we didn't purchase them that day. 
Even though all those things helped us make a decision what really made it was the deal they gave us on my 2 bands. the bands were the same as i found at helzberg however they were about $200 cheaper which was still way to expensive for 2. But i was still in love with it. So i asked if there was a deal that she could give me and she said let me check. 
after checking she came back with a price of $1700 (these are $1200 a piece rings) for the 2. We were both sold. then we found the ring My FI loved and we loved the price even more $70. 
we left with out buying them because she said the deal would be good for a month we called back on Saturday and over the phone we bought the rings and put them on lay away. they were so helpful. OH and did i mention all work on the rings is done in house. yes that's right in house. 
we couldn't be happier. The only bad thing is that Davenport is the farthest east store with other stores located in north and south Dakota and farther west. But needless to say I LOVE my bands and LOVE the price. I recommend these guys to everyone. Check them out at 
oh yea and if you call Ask for Sara shes the manager and is amazing!!!Smile
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