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WOO HOOO! I could not be happier,...We are gonna have a bit longer engagement because we are paying for it. 09/13. DO I need to do anything now? I need to get a budget, but I dont even know where to start???? HAPPY...but kinda stressed ALREADY!

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    Do not take any of those to do lists too seriously.
    You do not "need" all those things the magazines say you need.
    It is not just about you but about both of you.

    Always come back to The Knot to put any craziness in check.

    AND MOST IMPORTANT  it goes sooooo fast.  Trust me, I was in the same spot when I got engaged a year and a half ago.  Enjoy it and don't stress.
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    If you are in Chicago it is never to early to begin thinking about venues. If you have a specific date in mind you will want to find a place with the date open and some places book 2 years in advance.

    More importantly, have fun! I started getting on the board a little bit before my on year mark, and here I am now 74 days until the big day. Its a great place to get ideas and vent about whatever is going on in your life!


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