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NWR- Kindda bummed... VENT and everyone likes a poll

So, I think we spoke about this a few months ago but there's lots of new people so w/e...
I'm pretty bummed about my parents, my mother in particular. I'm sure others feel this way too but I feel like I'm always second best (and when my brother has a g/f.. third best).. anyone else feel like this?
When I go home to visit everything is fine until my brother arrives and then no matter what we were doing everything has to be done to cater to him (and/or his g/f).  I feel like a failure in my mom's eyes and when it comes to my wedding she really couldn't give a sh*t.
Things have gotten so bad that one year for christmas every and anything I received from my parents as gifts were all my brothers g/f's favorite things.  I felt like I was at a Oprahs Fav. Things show, minus the $250 gift certificates and free cars.  (It's my mom who does all the christmas shopping)
She just called and all she wanted to talk about was my brothers new g/f, Abby.
It's funny cause my dad really doesn't treat my brother and I any different. It's just my mom and she doesn't even try to hide it (or if she is, she's really a horrible actress). 
Does anyone else feel like they are second (or third..) best when it comes to their siblings?
TIMES magazine actually wrote an article about how parents do pick a favorite child (even though their constantly deny it) and its actually hardwired into our brains to do this.

So since everyone loves a poll....
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