WANT TO BUY: decorations... please read

So. I am trying very hard to keep my whole wedding in the five thousand dollar range for appx 200 people. I am not adversed to asking for help, or buy used. Heck its only been used one day in most cases. Current decorating budget is under 400 bucks for whatever I can get. So if anyone has any decorations they are trying to sell from their wedding or know of any cheap locations please leave a comment and I will check it frequently.

My wedding is in december (9 months) it is gunna have a vintage feel (bird cage veil, guys in all black with pocket squares, girls in black cocktail dresses with sash) Im looking for decorations in the colors, black, white, creme, ivory, red, slate grey... Not looking for christmas decorations. Think old hollywood glam.

Thanks for any help and I hope I can help take some things off your hands.
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