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Non Religious Officiant

Hi Ladies,

I am running into some trouble here and don't quite know what to do.
My fiance is not a religious person, although we both come from very catholic families. I am not very religious myself but my fiance is to the extreme where he wants no mention of god in the ceremony or at least have it kept to a minimum. I don't want to have just anybody do our ceremony and I know our families really would like a priest but would it be wrong to ask them to keep it less religious?
Or if not does anyone have any suggestions who would be more flexibile with this type of thing.
Please let me know I am not sure how to approach this situation and don't really want to ask my family.


Re: Non Religious Officiant

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    We used Bill Proud, who actually used to be a priest.  He ended up leaving the priesthood so he could marry.  He did a great job, and works with you to plan the ceremony you want.


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    Kathryn Siefert at Brides of Cincinnati will work with you to structure whatever you want.  She's a very nice lady and has a great sense of humor.  We've found her to be wonderful to work with.  She really will give you whatever you two decide on, no questions asked.  You won't be sorry - believe me, she's the best! 
    Her contact info is [email protected] or 513.374.5290. 
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    Thank you!
    I've heard great things about him so I'm definitely going to give him a call.
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    i would be happy to meet with you and your fiance to discuss the type of ceremony you would like.  i had a similar couple a few years ago.  she was jewish and he was catholic and we put together a great ceremony.  drop me a line at [email protected]
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    if bill isn't available, i do religious, non-religious, and civil ceremonies.  send me an email at [email protected]
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