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Hey there,

The FI and I would like to throw a small gathering the night before our wedding for out-of-town guests, family and attendants. The IL's are uninterested in throwing a rehearsal dinner, and (surprise, surprise!) we're already way overbudget on the actual wedding.

Does anyone have a low-cost suggestion for how the FI and I could throw a little pre-wedding shindig without digging too far into our already over-budget wedding fund?

(Quick details: Wedding party + close family and out-of-town guests is about 30-40 people; wedding is June 2011 in the West Loop. All guests are staying at The Sax.)

Longer details:
The FI and I are getting married in Chicago, where we live, but our family and friends live either on the East coast or in the far suburbs. Despite the IL's disinterest in a rehearsal dinner, we'd still like everyone to have a chance to meet and enjoy each other before the big wedding. (Essentially, we can't have a party a few weeks ahead of time because of distance ... )

Pequod's is a special place for us, but at $30 a head, we're looking at at least $1K for just the family and wedding party.

Is it weird to have a pizza party at our house the night before? We don't want anyone to have to cab too far into the city for a cheaper place ...
Any other ideas?

Help! :)

Thanks ladies!

Sorry if there were a lot of details, but I know how annoying it can be when the bride posts too few details.

Re: Night-Before-Wedding Party

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    No, it is not weird at all-in fact, I think it's a great idea!

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    Ditto to Scarlett's response!.... I think I will probably do the same because I have kinda a big WP...( 7 BM, 7GM )... and lots of family and kids too!!! And who doesn't like pizza right?!?! GL HUN!
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    Pizza night sounds like a good idea.  We decided to do the more casual thing for the rehearsal dinner.  We are having ours at Home Run Inn Pizza in Downers Grove.  Pizza, Beer, and pasta with good friends,  Sounds like a great time to me,
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    Ditto to the PP's! Pizza at your home is a wonderful way to spend the night before your wedding!

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