DJ & photography recommendations? Monson area

We just decided to move our wedding from April 2013 to October, 6 2012... we have always wanted a fall wedding, so that's what we will have :)

BUT that means we lose a lot of planning time... we have our venue, Valhalla in Monson, MA and our ceremony in Brimfield, MA. But we need to QUICKLY obtain our photographer and DJ... any recommendations in this area? We really want a recommendation for both... they all make themselves look great on their websites....

Thanks :)

Anxious bride to be,

Re: DJ & photography recommendations? Monson area

  • I sent you a private message after I saw your comment on another person's post about DJ and photog recs, I hadn't seen this post! I recommend Zach Dauphinais, his website is ... I sent you more info in the PM!
  • I am from the CT board, we have a few amazing photographers out here that I have found, do you have a certain budget??  I may be able to give you a few off hand, we just picked our photographer (I hope) Let me know!
  • I am hoping for 1500 or less for photography, Monson is so close to CT I should check those boards too...
  • Mine is photique photography and he's in your budget. He's out of Southbury, CT, but is willing to travel.
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  • Thanks! I'm on my way to the website.
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    Yeah it really is, well the girl we are going with is $850, I actually found her on here, she is so sweet and rediculously talented.  Check out her website, it's  she has a contact me on there and that's how I got a hold of her.  she was really quick to answer back as well, I CAN'T STAND when they don't get back to you for days on end.  She also offers second shooters too for an additional cost I think.  Anyway, check her out, she is a god send for me cause we are paying for our wedding's ourselves and can't afford a $3000 photographer.  Good luck!! let me know how it works out :):) 
  • Thanks! I know the prices are crazy for some!
  • We are using portrait new england  Bill and Naome are really quick to respond to any questions and have beautiful pictures.  They will work withing in your budget.
  • thanks! Anyone have any recommendations about videography vs photography?
  • marisathomas611 - could you share your photos after your wedding? I would love to see samples of a real wedding. I am looking for vendors for my 2013 fall wedding and your photographer is very intriguing. 

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