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Under my umbrella, ella, ella....

So my latest fascination is with umbrellas and parasols.  I love love love the way parasols look in pictures, especially on the beach.  But I'm overly worried about it raining on my wedding day, so I want us to have a few umbrellas on hand so we can take pictures outside even if it's wet.  And I found Bella Umbrellas today - the rent vintage umbrellas.  They're so pretty!  So now the internal debate is on: Buy cheap parasols and hope for the best?  (The big day is in December and it doesn't rain often but...).  Buy regular umbrellas (in colors) which are more affordable?  Rent expensive but beautiful vintage umbrellas?  Yikes, I have no idea.Are you using umbrellas/parasols in your wedding?  If you did, I'd love to see pictures!

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