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Pics - Hair trial #2

Ok.  So...as shows in my bio...my first hair and especially makeup trial was a disaster..(in my opinion)...but my trial with Darlina from KyleLynn Weddings was FAAAAAn - Tastic!!!  I wasn't really all that excited before about hair and makeup for my wedding...but my makeup looked jsut like ME...and I felt comfortbale..and Darlina was just great.  She was very relaxed and easy to get along with and was VERY organized which..I ...LOVE...so..if anyone is looking for a stylist with concrete reviews...Darlina is the one...pics are in my Bio..you can see the difference in makeup between the first trial and Darlina's trial...[IMG]http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y256/koolcat22/100_0302.jpg[/IMG]

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