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I saw that you are also getting married at the Westin. What is your opinion of this whole Courtney leaving thing? Have you talked to Melena yet/what is your opinion of her? I am kind of freaking out! I loved Courtney and I am not sure how I feel about this new woman.

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    I can't really say much except for the fact that I am not a big fan of Melena. I had my tasting and my dad did not like her at all. What are the things that you do not like about her? Maybe we have some of the same opinions. On the whole Courtney leaving thing, I was SO upset! so much to the point that they are bringing her back for my wedding. We have become great friends outside of the wedding and she is amazing!! I actually just called her for you and she said she is going to be giving you a call. I hope everything works out for you. If have any other questions or just want to talk about our weddings at the Westin. Let me know :)
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    OMG! That is exactly how I feel about Melena. She seems super rude and never returns calls/emails. She never even called to introduce herself to me....I had to call and introduce myself. Courtney was THE reason I picked the Westin, and I am so devastated she isn't there!! I talked to the manager about her coming back for my wedding, and he basically told me it wasn't an option. Good to know that it is! Would you mind emailing me with Courtney's new contact info at the Mariott Westshore?? I need to talk to her so badly...I feel like she is the only one who understands!!!!! Good to know that you were going through the same thing and you got it worked out...it gives me hope! My email is sarahhoffmann44 AT yahoo DOT comTIA!
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