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AW: Interesting 1st fitting

I had to write this because I think it's so funny that this happened... had my first fitting today and it was so awesome -  it had to be taken in enough to make me feel like the diet worked!! So i'm getting pinned at the bridal shop (in Orlando) and this woman comes in with a dress, puts it on and is standing at the opposite mirror and pedastal behind me. She then starts talking about how she loves the dress blah blah blah and then turns and sees mine and just goes on and on about it. I was like OK your another bride your pumped, your wedding is a week after mine (in Dec) thats cool.She then turns to face me and goes "Oh No... I like you're dress so much better can I try it on when your done?" My mouth dropped and I was like "Uhm no" and she got upset and right when I went to go open my mouth about how n I waited 6mths for this dress and there is a hundred pins in it Heck no you aren't puttin it on...... the shop owner intervened. Turns out the other bride ALREADY has a dress and is doubtful and She didn't see mine for the past 6mths as she has kept trying on dresses because the shop is awesome and will only sell one dress of the same design at a time.Sorry this is long but thought it was hilarious and had my almost first Bridezilla moment!

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