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I am so angry...

LONG STORY SHORT........ I got into a huge fight with a small Florida motel about the room block I reserved.  Each time a guest would call, the people acted like there was no block and you would have to pull teeth to get them to honor the rate.Today, I called to make sure everything was okay on the rooms booked and they manager, who helped me block the rooms, called me shortly back and said he talked to the owner and they can't honor the rates any more.  I said - this is very unprofessional - let me talk to the owner.  Long Story Shorter.... the owner gets on the phone, says there was no contract this, and that, and that he is going to just cancel all reservations.  HE THEN HANGS UP ON ME.  I'm fuming.  I get right in my car and drive over there.  I walk in the front office and the manage is sitting there with another guy. I ask for Bob and then he comes right out.  I say 'Bob, please don't cancel my room blocks."  He says GET OUT OF THIS HOTEL.  YOU ARE NOT A GUEST HERE.  I said, you have my money.  He said, I canceled it all and the manager hands over the refunds (me and 3 guests booked rooms there).  The owner then says, YOU ARE TRESPASSING and tells the manager to call 911.I said, calmly, SIR YOU ARE ACTING VERY IRRATIONAL.  WILL YOU PLEASE CALM DOWN.  He then gets in my faces and at the top of his lungs yells GET OUT!  and starts saying that I shouldn't make my problems his problems...I leave, he follows me.  I turn around, scared this guy is going to attack me.  But he just gets in his car.I was so shaken up by the whole ordeal.  Seriously... I am going to be writing letters to every organization this man belongs to.  AAA, Hotel Orgs, Chamber of Commerce, BBB, etc.  I can't believe this went down.  AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF....  He hotel name is on 3 places on our invites... all printed... all assembled....FI says we will reprint this inserts so there is no mention of this hotel and so our guests will not be subject to such unprofessional and downright scary behavior.  Pew.  sorry this was so long. 

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