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Can I ask y'all a question??

I know I don't post that often but I figured fellow brides to be will understand.
Question: How do you differentiate your gut/red flags from possible obsession when it comes to wedding stuff?
 I am getting married less than 4 months from now and I am at the point where I second guess everything. I can't tell if it's the Libra in me that wants to see all sides and research/analyze everything to death or if maybe it's a red flag, like my gut telling me to make certain changes. I am driving myself nuts! LOL

Re: Can I ask y'all a question??

  • cmeyer3946cmeyer3946 member
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    Well I'm a capricorn.  My wedding is 3 months away and I just emailed my florist yesterday to change my bouquets to something totally different.  I'm thinking that will change my ceremony flowers too.  I prefer to say it's been a creative thinking process all of these months to narrow down exactly what I want it to be like.

    And I'm become obsessive.  a little bit. and driving myself and FI nuts.
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    To me it's overlooking and once something is planned, I still search other knotties bios and articles etc and get new ideas so I want to change things.  That's why this time I kept my engagement short so I don't get hung up on random details that don't truly matter and focus on our marriage more than 1 day of it.  GL it'll all work out beautifully=)

  • ufsweetiebearufsweetiebear member
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    I'm a Libra too. For the most part, I follow my gut. So when I was debating 2 photographers, I sat down and wrote a pro/con list.... and ended up going with my gut feeling anyway.

    Everyone's radar is a bit different but it's sorta like finding your FI (when you know, you know). It's your wedding -- make it what you want it to be.
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    Thanks guys! I find it hard to sleep because I keep thinking...hmmm am I getting the best price? could I be doing something better? It's crazy LOL
  • M1ssJM1ssJ member
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    There are entire shows devoted to just how obsessive we get or just how crazy we get over all of it. Your gut is showing you the way... follow it. lol

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    I didn't have this problem because I was sooo busy with school but suggestion is to immediately stop looking at websites/bios/magazines/etc and just focus on your "to do list" rather than what you've already decided.
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