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Hi Everyone!
 Just curious if anyone had either seen or went to a wedding at Novo535 in St. Petersburg? Judging solely by pics online the inside looks great, however outside isn't exactly screaming photo op..

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    It's extremely nice inside, however it's in an interesting part of town.  I was there at night by myself and I had someone walk me to the car (the parking lot's across the street).

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    I agree with previous post that it is not in the best part of town. My mom and I went there to check it out and meet with the coordinator. When we were leaving it was getting dark and several men were just hanging out around the place. A little scary.

    Inside the place is fabulous!! We really loved it but in the end- I didnt think it was worth the price. Not sure what your budget is but they told us for the venue, food and open bar- for 120 people- it was over 15,000.


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     I went and checked out the venue and also thought it wasn't in the best area. Also the price is way too much just to rent the place out. Which is what the girl said above, its like 15,000-20,000. Also if you want an outdoor ceremony, you have noise from the road and you would have to buy plants and stuff to make the outside look good. I wasn't impressed with the coordinator. She never emailed me like she said she would with info and finally just called me back after 2 weeks have gone bye to see if I got a price plan from the owner. Way too much! Not worth it for me. I decided to go with Hunters Green Country Club in Tampa. Good luck with your search!
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