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Shepherd's Hooks - Indoor Ideas?

I have been debating what to do in leu of pew bows as my venue does not have pews but I still wanted something decorative down the aisle.  So, on an impulse today I went to Dollar Tree and bought 10 shepherd's hooks that I'm planning on hanging some DIY poms from.  However, these are made with spikes to go in the ground.  I didn't think this through too well, huh? Undecided

So, I'm looking for any ideas/suggestions you all may have for using these indoors.  I was thinking of using flower pots and filling them with some sort of beads/crystals/pearl filling but I don't know if it will stand up with the weight of the poms.  What do you think?
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Re: Shepherd's Hooks - Indoor Ideas?

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    I think something heavy should hold them up... Marbles, sand, something along those lines. Do a trial run and if it doesn't stay up what about concrete? Sounds extreme but hey whatever works right?
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    You could always put styrofoam inside the pots and then the hook should stand up. And then cover the foam with rocks and whatever.
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    Can you just tie the hooks to the pew using tulle or ribbon in your wedding colors? 

    I highly doubt anyone will be looking down at the floor to see how they're attached, and if you tie them on the inside of the pew with the hook facing/hanging out, they'll be more focused on the beautiful decorations hanging there!  Plus, you won't have to worry about anyone kicking the pot or knocking them over if they're tied tight. 
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