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Vendor Review: Blissetts in Medina Seamstress C-

Patty the seamstress.... I don't believe she is an employee at Blissett's but they recommend her and her shop is directly upstairs.  I dropped my dress off on may 21st, after i could get a hold of her, she had told me that she hadn't worked on my dress yet, but i finally had my first fitting on august 6.  the dress was sized OK in the waist, but the upper part looked terrible, the sleeve was cutting off my circulation and the boning was way too big for me. I took the dress home to see what my aunt, an amateur seamstress with 2 professional seamstress siters, (who could not do my original alterations because her daughters wedding was august 1) thought of it. she said whoever did this was not a professional...  well i was very angry & determined to make patty fix it.  She saw all of the mistakes on august 11th and didnt disagree with anything i said that was wrong with the dress.  I went last night to pick it up (she was leaving for vacation this weekend) and the sleeve was much better, but the dress is FILTHY and the top still fits terribly.  she must have known because by the time i had changed into my regular clothes she was GONE.....  DO NOT GO TO THIS WOMAN FOR ALTERATIONS...our wedding is one week from today, i have a filthy/sloppy dress and need to figure out what to do.

Re: Vendor Review: Blissetts in Medina Seamstress C-

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    oh no! I'm so sorry that happened! hopefully you can get everything figured out in time for the big day! thanks for letting us know!
  • cutypy0516cutypy0516 member
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    I'm just curious as to why she would be working on your dress before your first fitting. Was it a custom dress or was she customizing a dress that you had purchased? Anywho, I did a trash the dress session after my wedding. My dress HAD TO have looked worse than yours. I pretreated it with a stain stick where it was the dirtiest, turned it inside out and washed it on the gentlest cycle my washing machine can do. Hang dry, I would never recommend putting it in the dryer. My dress came out like new! Now this isn't recommended for all fabrics. It's ok on polyester fabrics, like satin. NEVER do this with silk. My gown was tulle and lace. It had large rossettes all over it, but from turning it inside out, the rossettes and beading came out perfect and with no troubles. I have a very large washing machine that could accomodate my dress. When in doubt, go to a laundromat and use a large, front loader. Those are more gentle than mine with the spindle in it. Just a thought to at least getting the dress to look new again. I'm sorry about the fittings.
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  • mpitarresimpitarresi member
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    I had my bridesmaids dress taken out here..they are TERRIBLE.  THe seam is completely visable and she ripped the dress is two places! Things I cannot fix and just have to wear that way.

  • mpitarresimpitarresi member
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    Ripped my dress..do not go here
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