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XP: Shopping in the States...

Hey ladies (and gents?),

I'm from Canada, and I am coming to the states (Buffalo) to go shopping for some of my bridal attire -- shoes, hypo allergenic earrings (maybe a matching necklace), and possibly some lingerie/strapless bra...and maybe some clothing if I find something I like.

Can you make any recommendations as to where I should go to find reasonably priced items?

For shoes, I have pretty wide feet, and will need a heel that is no taller tha 3". I am looking to spend no more than $50 on the shoes. Same price range goes for the earrings and necklace.

Also! If you have any links to coupons that I could print for any shoe stores/clothing/jewelry stores, that would be amazing!!

Thank-you so much in advance!
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Re: XP: Shopping in the States...

  • L&J2012L&J2012 member
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    I'm sure you could find everything you need at the Galleria Mall! Or nearby! In the mall there are several department stores, which will have lingerie/strapless bras, and it'd probably be worth looking at jewelry there, too. For shoes, there are several places but I love DSW. For cheap jewelry there's Claire's, or Icing I think that's what it's called. There are tons of stores so I'm sure you'll find what you need!
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  • degreadegrea member
    I would say the Galleria Mall or the Niagara Outlet Mall. Both have tons of stores and you should be able to find what you need. Good Luck and happy shopping!
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  • Agree w/ PPs. DSW usually has some pretty good deals on shoes. 
  • I just found my dress and a few accessories at David's Bridal. I realize they are also in Canada, but it may be less here? (I got my dress, a bra, a ribbon, a flower to attach to the ribbon to make my sash, and a veil for $800) VERY reasonable.

    I haven't gotten my shoes yet, but I want a funky like lime green color, which most wedding stores don't carry. Haha.

    Try doing some online shopping for the jewelry. You can find some sweet deals online. :)
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