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Unique Outdoor Ceremony Suggestions?

I am looking for an outdoor ceremony site...My fiance and I would like it to be a "nature" site, but not just a park or anything with a white gazebo...We are hoping to find somewhere with an old barn/ fields to do pictures at immediately following, ceremony in front of the barn.  Any suggestions would help! Thank you!

Re: Unique Outdoor Ceremony Suggestions?

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    Akron Falls Park?  definitely not your typical park. its HUGE, and has some cool wooded areas and gardens, as well as shelters.....not sure about barns though.  It also has a great waterfall which has an 'view' spot from above.  if you have a tiny wedding (20ish people), you maybe could do the ceremony there.

    Might want to consider becker farms or places out closer to Akron/Darien, etc.
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    Freedom Run winery has a beautiful old barn! Spring Lake winery is also really pretty and scenic, the ceremony site is on the lake which is really nice.
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    There is a vineyard that has a barn and does weddings. But for the life of me I can'tcome up with the name of it. Sorry not much help! Check out vineyards.
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