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Reception ideas in Buffalo area

My fiance and I live in Florida, but we are having our wedding in Buffalo, NY.  My whole family is from Buffalo area and his family is coming from Ohio (short 3 hr drive) plus all our friends/family from Florida.  My question is we want a reception venue that is at a hotel or VERY close to a hotel that we can get shuttles to and from.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I have only looked online (being in Florida), but I like the Hyatt Regency downtown. 

On a side note, our guests will be a party crowd so we kind of want to be close to downtown near some bars.  Any opinions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

Re: Reception ideas in Buffalo area

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    the hyatt is good for that...walking distance to chippewa.  i believe they have a $20,000 minimum...

    we are doing pearl street with a block of rooms at adam's mark.  we are providing a shuttle and it's close enough to walk in the event that people miss the shuttle.

    the avant building is ok - we weren't impressed with the room set up...but i hear the food is's also walking distance to chippewa.
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    I would have loved Pearl street!  You will have a beautiful wedding.  I am just afraid our guest list is too large for their space and with my grandparents and his grandparents the stairs are too much. 

    Thank you for your advice!  I am hoping to book in June this year for June next year so they probably would not have the day I want.  Congrats on your wedding! 
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    I was going to recommend Pearl Street too as we had a block of rooms at the Hyatt as it's a short & free ride on the Metro to get back and forth.  They have an elevator at Pearl Street so no worries for guests that can't do stairs.  I know several of our guests just stayed right at Pearl Street to continue partying after the reception.
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    pearl street has elevators and can hold quite a large amount... but if not there hyatt is a good option too.
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    hyatt, pearl street, adam's mark, embassy suites ....there's lots of 'little gems' in the downtown area =)
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    I have heard positive things from friends that went with the Hyatt....we looked there but it was out of our price range. We are having ours at the Millennium Hotel in Cheektowaga....not close to downtown, but there is a hotel bar that is open until 2 am
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    How many people are you planning to invite?  Pearl Street has a minimum of 200 on one of the floors (or so I've heard), and they do have an elevator. 

    As far as hotels you have a lot of options, Adam's Mark (which I do not recommend), Embassy Suites, Hyatt, Hampton Inn, Comfort Suites.  Most of these are on or right off Chippewa (and the Metro goes past Chippewa so your guests will have a free ride back to the hotel).  You could do a Google Maps search for "Delaware and Chippewa, Buffalo, NY" and after it comes up theres a "search nearby" link on the left... just type in hotels and they all come up on the map.

    Edit:  I just got an email from Visit Buffalo Niagara that might help you.  I posted it on the WNY boards and called it Buffalo planning help - Wish I had this 6 months ago!
    (If anybody can figure out how to post the link please do.. I tried but it keeps going to the Novemer 2011 board and I can't figure out why!)
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    We will have anywhere from 250 -300 guests.  Still working out some of the family's lists.  I have been searching and found the Avanti Mansion in Hamburg?  I am starting to think away from Chipewa just to get other options. 

    Thanks for all the help! 

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    @Laura Be careful with Avanti Mansion.. it's a beautiful place but I've heard many poor reviews about the wedding planning staff being rude to family members, bossy, inflexible, and indifferent. My photographer agreed that is what she has heard and witnessed. I spoke to one bride who has already booked her 2012 wedding there and she also agreed, but she said her dad really set them straight and they've been fine ever since. So unless you have a family member here in town who will stay on top of them and remind them how much money you are paying for the privilege to get married there, I would tread carefully!!

    Good luck! 
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    My friend was married at the Hyatt...2 years ago, maybe? Anywho, it was BEAUTIFUL. Id been there for a lot of different functions and the food was either hit or miss. The "misses" where when people tried to get clever and make these crazy dishes, but the traditional, classic wedding menus were always good. The cocktail are is divine. Beautiful plants and flowers, view of the city, great drinks and a nice fruit and cheese spread. Excellent service. My friend actually had her whole shindig planned eslewhere, then met the Hyatts coordinator and changed her mind...with two weeks to go...and everything was still fantastic.
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